Suzanne Hollander Discusses Property Taxes with Miami Dade Property Appraiser Pedro Garcia and Deputy Property Appraiser Lazaro Solis

pedro-gracia-propertyOnly 2 more days to pay your Florida real estate property taxes  in full and save 4% off your entire tax bill!

Miami Dade Property Appraiser the Honorable Pedro Garcia, Lazaro Solis Deputy Property Appraiser and Suzanne Hollander, photographed here, discuss facts to know about property taxes in Florida and Miami Dade County!

Facts to Know about Property Taxes:

  1. Pay your Florida tax bill in November, get 4% off !  (You will get 3% off if you pay in December)
  2. The Miami Dade Property Appraiser’s Office, of nearly 400 employees, determines the value of your property but does not determine the tax rate (in property tax lingo “the millage rate”).
  3. Your elected officials, within each taxing authority, determine the tax rate, so if you think the tax rate is too high (or too low), contact them!
  4. In Florida property taxes are paid in arrears.  This means you get to live on or use your property for almost 11 months before you are sent a bill.
  5. You pay your tax bill to the Tax Collector – a different person and an entirely different office than the Property Appraiser
  6. Miami Dade County has nearly One Million Real Properties –  the most of any county in Florida
  7. The Miami Dade Property Appraiser’s Property Search website is a Winner!  The Property Search site has over 250,000 visits per day and won the 2015 Center for Digital Government National Award!   Check it out!

Learn more about property taxes – visit the Miami Dade Property Appraiser website and read National Wallet Hub’s interview of Suzanne Hollander on property taxes in ”Ask the Experts: Turn Taxes into Investment”.

Professor Real Estate® Suzanne Hollander is a real estate broker, attorney, educator, speaker, commentator and voice for real estate, housing and property rights, frequently quoted in the media, including Wall St. Journal Money Watch, YahooFinance!, Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald, The Palm Beach Post,  Wallethub, The Real Deal, Mercado De Dinero USA,  Scotsman Guide Commercial Real Estate edition and The Capital Gazette Newspaper.

Disclaimer: Professor Real Estate® written materials apply generally to real estate subjects and are not intended to apply to specific legal issues. Copyright 2016. Professor Real Estate® Suzanne Hollander



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