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Suzanne is an attorney, educator and investment advocate in property in infrastructure. She frequently speaks throughout Latin America on property rights, how to build value through transparent legal systems that uphold private property rights. Suzanne speaks often speaks as an invited attorney expert to Latin American Real Estate and Infrastructure Industry Leaders, Government entities and Law Schools & Universities in Peru, Brazil, and Colombia. The U.S. State Department appointed Suzanne its Fulbright Specialist Roster as an Expert in Real Estate.

City of Miami Commissioner Sabina Covo meets with Professor Real Estate Suzanne Hollander who served as Director of Real Estate and Asset Management for the City of Miami
”Professor Hollander highlighted to Commissioner Covo that the City of Miami owns a real estate portfolio that ballooned in value to over an estimated over $17 Billion USD. The largest percentage of the value of City owned properties is located in District 2, many on long term leases (50–99 years)…From the LOFT 2 rooftop she pointed out to the various City assets and noted: “It is important to remember the City has a duty to act as a steward and fiduciary to operate these City owned assets professionally by best-in-class real estate standards to preserve their value and physical structure for generations to come.”
Suzanne Hollander Visited More Than 70 Latin America Shopping Centers over the Summer - Want to borrrow Her Notes?
Suzanne Hollander’s trip to the five countries, which have a combined population of 320 million, took her to visit mall owners and managers, tenant brokers, real estate attorneys...In Brazil, Chile and Peru, where riots, political unrest and the rise of socialism have become increasingly common and make headline news, she said. “The malls are democracy in action. Everyone, no matter their social or economic class, is welcome. This is not found in other places in these countries.” There’s an unwritten rule there that the mall is sacrosanct.
Suzanne Hollander manages a $17 Billion Dollar Real Estate Portfolio or more than 500 properties - more than some countries' GDPs
Women like Suzanne Hollander are mirrors in which we can see our professional aspirations reflected. And featuring her couldn't be more appropriate as we celebrate International Women's Month. Or, in the words of the late Charles Aznavour" Women of today, teach us what to say!"
South Florida Business and Wealth Prestigious Women Award Honoree: Suzanne Hollander Professor Real Estate
You can do it! The journey of one million miles begins with one step. Step by step, build yourself into the person you want to be by deliberately choosing experiences that challenge you, move you out of your comfort zone and help you achieve heights you never thought possible.
In New FIU Office to Advance Women Equity and Diversity Suzanne Hollander Speaker at U.S. State Departments WeAmericas Latin American Entrepreneur Initiative for Women
“I’ve been teaching around the world, and what I’ve come to learn is that law and property rights are such powerful mechanisms to help give people freedom. Women need to have property rights and access to safe secure housing in order to have equality and options to advance.” said Suzanne Hollander an invited speaker to the U.S State Department's WeAmericas Initiative
Professor Real Estate Suzanne Hollander Talks on Why and How to Build Your Own Personal Board of Directors for a Happy New Year
Gracias, Thank you to My “Personal Board of Directors” whose belief in me inspired me to take chances to grow and achieve goals I never thought possible in 2020. ..Last month, I spoke on "How To Build Your Own Personal Board of Directors" to the United States Department of State WeAmericas ..."Personal Board of Directors” is a term I use to describe people who are close and important to me.....May you create your Own Personal Board of Directors for 2021 to help you have a Happier New Year!
Miami Herald Quotes Suzanne Hollander on United States Demand for Affordable Housing
"There is a demand for affordable housing; there is going to be an increased demand as there is more unemployment. Developers can make a profit...event with moratoriums or unemployment, the developer still gets paid because the government pays a portion of the rent.
Suzanne Hollander Attorney Expert Panelist : Retail Real Estate in Latin America and United States
Suzanne Hollander was a Panelist in Latin America on a distinguished attorney panel, Suzanne gave "U.S. Perspective: Commercial Real Estate Retail Contracts" in Spanish discussing the 4 points below: 1. COVID's Impact on Shopping Center Retail in U.S. and Latin America 2. Growth of Non Store Retailers in U.S. and Latin America (retailers selling by internet using distribution systems instead of a store/physical real estate) 3. Landlord Tenant Law in U.S. and Latin America 4. COVID's Impact on "Informal Economy" Real Estate and Business in Latin America
Suzanne Hollander on AirBNB Short Term Rental Trend in U.S. and Latin America
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Suzanne Hollander Moderates Real Estate Development Panel
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