Latin America

Suzanne is an attorney, educator and investment advocate in property in infrastructure. She frequently speaks throughout Latin America on property rights, how to build value through transparent legal systems that uphold private property rights. Suzanne speaks often speaks as an invited attorney expert to Latin American Real Estate and Infrastructure Industry Leaders, Government entities and Law Schools & Universities in Peru, Brazil, and Colombia. The U.S. State Department appointed Suzanne its Fulbright Specialist Roster as an Expert in Real Estate.

Suzanne Hollander Attorney Expert Panelist : Retail Real Estate in Latin America and United States
Suzanne Hollander was a Panelist in Latin America on a distinguished attorney panel, Suzanne gave "U.S. Perspective: Commercial Real Estate Retail Contracts" in Spanish discussing the 4 points below: 1. COVID's Impact on Shopping Center Retail in U.S. and Latin America 2. Growth of Non Store Retailers in U.S. and Latin America (retailers selling by internet using distribution systems instead of a store/physical real estate) 3. Landlord Tenant Law in U.S. and Latin America 4. COVID's Impact on "Informal Economy" Real Estate and Business in Latin America
Suzanne Hollander on AirBNB Short Term Rental Trend in U.S. and Latin America
Love or Hate it Air BNB –  What’s Its Future in COVID’s New Normal? A trend […]
In News! Suzanne Hollander on U.S. Election: Foreign Demand for U.S. Real Estate Strong!
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Sending Property Love Suzanne Hollander On Site: Medellin, Colombia!
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Suzanne Hollander Moderates Real Estate Development Panel
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Miami Herald Interviews Suzanne Hollander – Will Micro Units Tiny Apartments without Parking solve Miami’s Rent Crunch
Miami Herald interviews Suzanne Hollander, real estate commentator, attorney, broker and blogger […]
In News! Miami Herald Interviews Suzanne Hollander: Is $236 Million 14 Acre Miami Herald Property for Sale?
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In News! Suzanne Hollander in Peru, This Week's Election, Property Rights & Title
Sunday’s Peruvian Election, leading to a June run off, reminds Suzanne Hollander, […]
In BizNews! Suzanne Hollander Moderates Billion $ Developer Panel: Swire Properties' Brickell City Center
In BizNews! Suzanne Hollander, real estate attorney, broker & commentator moderates real estate […]
In Cuba: Property Rights, Hope – Professor Real Estate® Suzanne Hollander
The President’s Cuba visit stirs hearts, minds of Cuban Americans and all  […]
Suzanne Hollander Discusses the American Dream - Own Your Own Property
The American Dream of owning your own property is alive. I see […]
Suzanne Hollander On Site Patagonia - Don't Walk on Thin Ice For Your Next Real Estate Deal - Tips to Prepare
Some say “Don’t Walk on Thin Ice,” Professor Real Estate®Suzanne Hollander says, “Walk […]
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