Women’s Investment Advocate

Contact Suzanne for women’s financial empowerment and training. Suzanne believes early and frequent financial education is the foundation to building wealth for women. She will design a training to fit your audience whether young girls, students or adult women wanting to create their financial independence.

Suzanne is internationally recognized for her work advancing women in real estate careers and investment. In 2019, Globestreet Honored Suzanne as a Woman of Influence in Commercial Real Estate Mentor Category. In 2018, Suzanne Hollander won the Global Impact Award from Commercial Real Estate Women Network, a 12,000 member professional association. Suzanne serves on the National Diversity & Inclusion Task Force of Commercial Real Estate Women. She is a member of 100 Women in Finance and the National Women’s Commercial Real Estate Investment Consortium. Suzanne’s comments on financial and career empowerment for women and girls are in the national media.

In New FIU Office to Advance Women Equity and Diversity Suzanne Hollander Speaker at U.S. State Departments WeAmericas Latin American Entrepreneur Initiative for Women
“I’ve been teaching around the world, and what I’ve come to learn is that law and property rights are such powerful mechanisms to help give people freedom. Women need to have property rights and access to safe secure housing in order to have equality and options to advance.” said Suzanne Hollander an invited speaker to the U.S State Department's WeAmericas Initiative
Professor Real Estate Suzanne Hollander Talks on Why and How to Build Your Own Personal Board of Directors for a Happy New Year
Gracias, Thank you to My “Personal Board of Directors” whose belief in me inspired me to take chances to grow and achieve goals I never thought possible in 2020. ..Last month, I spoke on "How To Build Your Own Personal Board of Directors" to the United States Department of State WeAmericas ..."Personal Board of Directors” is a term I use to describe people who are close and important to me.....May you create your Own Personal Board of Directors for 2021 to help you have a Happier New Year!
Relearning the Real Estate Market Dealing with Distressed Properties Requires Mastering Older Concepts Suzanne Hollander published in The Scotsman Guide Commercial Mortgage Magazine
In a market like this one, commercial mortgage brokers can expect to be called upon for advice and information. And yet many newer real estate finance professionals are experiencing a bear market for the first time. In a sense, the entire industry needs to relearn concepts and terms of a decade ago, when distressed properties were common and the commercial real estate market was facing a credit crisis during the Great Recession.
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Inspired by Justice Ginsburg's 87 Years of Life - Suzanne Hollander Asks How Will I Spend My Years? WIll I choose to make an impact, when to speak up, dissent stand up and how to be remembered
“How will I choose to spend the years of my life?” I think about Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s impact during her 87 years of life and ask myself this question. You, like me, can choose how to make an impact, when to speak up, dissent, stand up and how your actions or inactions will be remembered....I see the transformative power of teaching. Teaching is the way to plant a seed to make people learn and care about issues and each other, to take a stand and steps to improve their futures and others

Hollander opened the presentation with the Maya Angelo quote “each time a woman stands up for herself she stands up for all women.” Most women face a time in their careers when, due to their gender, they’re harassed, evaluated unfairly, or excluded from conversations. For example, the wage gap between men and women in commercial real estate has widened over the past five years, leaving women at all levels underpaid, underrepresented and increasingly unsatisfied with their careers in 2020, according to a new benchmark study report by the Commercial Real Estate Women Network.

Hollander pointed that critical times to stand up for oneself and other women are during promotion, hiring, compensation discussions, appointment to corporate boards, leadership and senior positions of authority and selecting panelists for presentations.

Suzanne Hollander Speaks to Commercial Real Estate Women on Quarantine Quality Time
Now more than ever, sharing good news is a way to turn your quarantine time into Quarantine Quality Time. Last week,Suzanne Hollander was invited by Commercial Real Estate Women Miami to Speak about 5 Reasons to share your Good News Now!
Property Management is an “Essential Industry.” No matter what is happening in the external environment Property Management continues. This is true today during the COVID 19 pandemic as it was true during the Housing Crisis in 2008
How Women Can Invest Successfully in Commercial Real Estate
"Women today feel more empowered to enter into business areas traditionally known as male bastions. And businesses today are making it a core value to promote women to visible senior leadership positions and appoint them to corporate boards. People in senior leadership roles and on corporate boards are, for example, often invited to join a commercial real estate syndication deal," says Hollander.
In News! Suzanne Hollander on U.S. Election: Foreign Demand for U.S. Real Estate Strong!
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Need a Little Help Now? Suzanne Hollander on Mortgage Forbearance
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Suzanne Hollander Moderates CMBS - Commericial Mortgage Backed Securities Panel with Starwood Capital
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Attorney Suzanne Hollander U.S. Supreme Court Justice Breyer Guest at Supreme Court
Suzanne met with Justice Breyer in his Chambers overlooking The U.S. Capitol […]
Suzanne Hollander Wins Global Impact Award for Career Advancement of Women and First Generation Students from Commercial Real Estate Women Network
“In Miami, Suzanne Hollander’s name is heard when commercial real estate women […]
U.S. State Department Appoints Suzanne Hollander to Fulbright Specialist Roster, as Real Estate Expert
The United States State Department appointed Suzanne Hollander to its Fulbright Specialist Roster as […]
Globe Street Features Suzanne Hollander Combining Knowledge, Real Estate and Connections in Real Estate
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Professor Real Estate Suzanne Hollander Leading Commericial Real Estate Women Networking Event
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In News Suzanne Hollander Interviewed Advancement of Women in Real Estate
The South Florida Business Journal quotes Suzanne Hollander on achieving Success in Miami’s fast paced real […]
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