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Professor Suzanne Hollander and Ronald McDonald House Executive Director Soraya Rivera Moya explain the unique public-private financing structure of the new project: “Jackson Memorial is a public hospital, and the location for the new building is leased to RMHC by Miami-Dade County for the mere cost of $1 per year for a duration of fifty years. The $25 million will be raised through local fundraising initiatives and new market tax credit funds, which are forgivable loans granted by the federal government.” Hollander points out that “in Miami, a city with a booming real estate market full of luxury condos and hotels, the Ronald McDonald House development project really stands as unique three reasons, it is (1) a multi-million-dollar woman led development project; (2) for a charitable purpose to help families in need with sick children and (3) being built on government owned land.”
”Professor Hollander highlighted to Commissioner Covo that the City of Miami owns a real estate portfolio that ballooned in value to over an estimated over $17 Billion USD. The largest percentage of the value of City owned properties is located in District 2, many on long term leases (50–99 years)…From the LOFT 2 rooftop she pointed out to the various City assets and noted: “It is important to remember the City has a duty to act as a steward and fiduciary to operate these City owned assets professionally by best-in-class real estate standards to preserve their value and physical structure for generations to come.”
Suzanne Hollander’s trip to the five countries, which have a combined population of 320 million, took her to visit mall owners and managers, tenant brokers, real estate attorneys...In Brazil, Chile and Peru, where riots, political unrest and the rise of socialism have become increasingly common and make headline news, she said. “The malls are democracy in action. Everyone, no matter their social or economic class, is welcome. This is not found in other places in these countries.” There’s an unwritten rule there that the mall is sacrosanct.
Suzanne Hollander, a real estate professor at Florida International University, advises sellers to be realistic: “Get real about pricing and ask yourself, if you sell your home and need a loan to finance the purchase of a next home, will you be able to afford the new interest rate? It may make more sense for you to stay put until rates go down, but you must weigh this decision against prices possibly reducing.”
Suzanne Hollander, a real estate law professor at Florida International University, is surprised that the rapid increase in rates has not yet translated into reduced home prices across the U.S. “During the 1970s and 1980s when interest rates were high, prices were low. Buying now with high rates and high prices at the same time creates a very high monthly cost for borrowers to carry,” she points out.
Restoring reserves as required by the new law might create a hardship for residents, especially those on fixed incomes, Ms. Hollander said. “This law is throwing a curveball to the retiree,” she added.
Women like Suzanne Hollander are mirrors in which we can see our professional aspirations reflected. And featuring her couldn't be more appropriate as we celebrate International Women's Month. Or, in the words of the late Charles Aznavour" Women of today, teach us what to say!"
Please give a warm welcome to our 2021 Board as Education Director, Suzanne Hollander. Suzanne is a real estate attorney, speaker, broker, professor and voice for property rights, real estate, housing infrastructure development.
“Residential real estate, Hollander said, has a greater obligation to put women in executive positions due to the sheer number of female professionals. In corporate America there is an old boys club, but we shouldn’t have that in an industry that is 64% women,” Hollander said.
Women don't have to wait for milestones, to start investing in property and investing in themselves. I started as a traditional real estate attorney, Miami is a real estate town. The risks I took (1) get out of the law firm (2) get my "feet on the street" working for a real estate developer (3) working with an investor buying distress property out of foreclosure in 2009/2010 and (4) teaching around the world. I believe in the U.S. Constitution and the private property protections in its fifth and fourteenth amendments that are enforced and upheld by the U.S. judicial and police system....
According to Coastal Risk CEO Albert Slap: “Achieving a more resilient society will require a new economic paradigm that properly accounts for and prices into investments and lending both property and community-level risks. Professor Hollander’s thought leadership in commercial real estate will be extremely useful to the development of this new paradigm." Professor Hollander added: “.An investigation to quantify the dollar amount of the environmental and climate risk is an essential part of due diligence for every party with an interest in real property, including mortgage lenders, property investors (from home buyers to Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) owning a portfolio of properties) ...
Crowdfunding has a "trendy name" - it may be viewed as way for (1) developers to raise capital to dilute the amount of "skin" (funds) the developer itself contributes to purchase the property or (2) for investors to participate in investing in property they may not be able purchase with only the amount of their own funds.
You can do it! The journey of one million miles begins with one step. Step by step, build yourself into the person you want to be by deliberately choosing experiences that challenge you, move you out of your comfort zone and help you achieve heights you never thought possible.
Hollander.... feels that the award serves a deeper purpose. “For many of my students, I’m the only woman professor they have in real estate or the only woman lawyer they’ve ever met," Hollander says. Awards are not meant to be put on the mantle. They’re meant to be put to work. When I’m recognized, it shows other women that careers in real estate, finance and law are possible.”

"House Hacking...it’s a little bit of a twist on the American dream. It’s not a house surrounded by a white picket fence,” she says. “But let’s say you do lose your job. You still have tenants paying your mortgage, taxes and insurance.” says Suzanne Hollander a professor of real estate law at Florida International University
“I’ve been teaching around the world, and what I’ve come to learn is that law and property rights are such powerful mechanisms to help give people freedom. Women need to have property rights and access to safe secure housing in order to have equality and options to advance.” said Suzanne Hollander an invited speaker to the U.S State Department's WeAmericas Initiative
In Florida, January 1 is more than just the sunny- first day of the New Year, it is the date of “Just Value”; the date the County Property Appraiser determines the value of your property...Many Property Owners are Asking: Will the impacts of COVID during 2020 affect the value of my Property and the amount I pay in property taxes? If Residential Property Values Increase & Commercial Property Values Decrease, how will this impact the services provided by government to the public?
Gracias, Thank you to My “Personal Board of Directors” whose belief in me inspired me to take chances to grow and achieve goals I never thought possible in 2020. ..Last month, I spoke on "How To Build Your Own Personal Board of Directors" to the United States Department of State WeAmericas ..."Personal Board of Directors” is a term I use to describe people who are close and important to me.....May you create your Own Personal Board of Directors for 2021 to help you have a Happier New Year!
"There is a demand for affordable housing; there is going to be an increased demand as there is more unemployment. Developers can make a profit...event with moratoriums or unemployment, the developer still gets paid because the government pays a portion of the rent.
In a market like this one, commercial mortgage brokers can expect to be called upon for advice and information. And yet many newer real estate finance professionals are experiencing a bear market for the first time. In a sense, the entire industry needs to relearn concepts and terms of a decade ago, when distressed properties were common and the commercial real estate market was facing a credit crisis during the Great Recession.
“Get your agent to ask the seller or the seller’s agent what prices have been rejected,” suggests Suzanne Hollander, a real estate attorney, broker, and professor of real estate at Florida International University.....“Low interest rates combined with increased working from home have dramatically driven demand upward for single-family homes in many areas and reduced inventory....This increased demand and scarce supply situation give sellers the luxury to choose the best offer they receive,” she says.
Suzanne Hollander, an attorney and real estate professor at Florida International University in Miami, agrees. “Perhaps a drawn-out contested legal battle regarding who is the winner could impact confidence in the U.S. economy and perhaps interest rates,” she cautions.
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