Suzanne Hollander appointed Affordable Housing Advisory Board Miami Beach Professor Real Estate

Do Good in yr community! Suzanne Hollander appointed Affordable Housing Advisory Board-Real Estate Position by Miami Beach City Commission! Like President Kennedy, I ask, What can you do for your Community? Learn what U Can Do where you live, work or own property by clicking Professor Real Estate® TV Episode: Reasons to “Do Good” or reading below!

Doing Good s for your community is important if you are in real estate for the 3 reasons below

1. Make Buddies! Real  estate is a relationship business where having people you trust & can count on is important! Volunteering is a way to make new buddies & build relationships! You get to know people and they get to know you, your work ethic and dedication as you volunteer together!

2. Be In the Know!  Information is an important part of real estate. Being involved in your community connects you with the movers-n-shakers and gives you a heads up on what is happening… because you are part of making it happen!

3. Feel Good! Do  Good!  Everyone likes to work on deals with people who feel good and do good! When you get involved, you connect with people from the place you call home or work and together to make it a better place!

Stay in touch and keep me posted about how you “Do Good” in your community!

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