On site: Panama Canal! Suzanne Hollander, Professor Real Estate®, celebrates Canal’s 100th Birthday & Miami Port Tunnel opening with a real estate visit to Panama. Learn 3 reasons the Canal’s expansion means B-I-G Busine$$ for U, click Professor Real Estate®TV or read below!

#1 Miami & Panama Celebrate Billion-Dollar-B-I-G!

Panama’s Billion–B-I-G: Multi- Billion $$ canal expansion, estimated completion 2015.  The expansion allows MEGA Ships carrying 3 or 4x more cargo to enter the Atlantic from the Pacific!  This is the 1st  expansion of the Panama Canal in 100 years!

Miami’s Billion-B-I-G:  Billion $$ Infrastructure Investments.  B-I-G #1:  Port of Miami Tunnel – this Multi-Billion $$ investment opened 3 days ago to speed up delivery of goods to the Port & reduce traffic Downtown.  B-I-G#2:  Multi-Billion $$ Dredging Port of Miami –  deepening the Port  for the new mega ships from Panama!

#2 Job Growth!  B-I-G investments will lead to more logistics, inventory & trade related jobs in Miami!  This means more international companies and people will move to Miami to be close to the Port – Downtown Miami!

#3 Real Estate Demand!  Yup, B-I-G real estate investments lead to real estate demand.  Bigger ships bringing bigger trade deals to Miami (the closest port to the Panama Canal) creates demand for warehouse/0ffice space near Miami’s Port. Owners & employees relocating & opening Miami offices will need places to live — Downtown Miami, Miami Beach are  perfect – you can watch the entry/exit of the cargo ships!

Personal Note:  It was an adventure to film Professor Real Estate®TV on the front of the boat, while the canal locks opened and a big tanker passed through…that’s why the Captain made me wear a life jacket 🙂  I  now share the video with you, so it was worth it!  Let me know if you’d like to visit Panama! Contact me at Suzanne@professorrealestate.com to learn more about the real estate and business opportunities  the Billion $$ B-I-G Birthday offers you in Miami & Panama!

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