Try Suzanne Hollander Professor Real Estate “Do-Something-Real-Estate-Challenge”!

Wish you were here!  Since you are on a vacation or “stay-cation”… take me with you.. (LOL!)..take my ideas of how to use yr extra 24 hours to squeeze real estate in & apply lessons from your vacation!   Read below or click photo to watch Professor Real Estate®TV Episode: Wish U Were Here! “Do-Something-Real-Estate” ideas!

1.  Drive a neighborhood…SLOW! Be a Sunday driver on a long  weekend!  Pick a neighborhood you like, drive slow, look at properties, write down addresses that interest you, research sale prices, owners & uses etc. (Make sure to obey traffic laws!)  P.S. Contact me if you’d like to learn how to find info on properties you see.

2.  Bring It Home!  Make a point to notice  architecture & design details on your travels and bring it home!  A Developer friend brings what he sees home to his projects!  When he  travels ‘round the world, he photographs designs of everything from doorknobs, fixtures, facades, windows & shared spaces like lobbies  & gardens.  When the vacation is over, the photos help him remember design ideas from other locations and cultures.  He adds  these details to his projects and the result is a unique look for the public and a private memory of the trip for the developer!   You  can do this for a development project or your own home or condo!

3.  Coffee with a Broker!  Long weekend = good time to meet chat with a Broker.  Many of my clients like to spend time with me over a coffee (a strong espresso for me..pls!).  We get   to know each other while they tell me the type of property they want. This  is coffee time well spent because now  I can match them with a deal  as soon as I know of it ..often before it hits the market.

Use your extra 24 hours to have  fun and also spend some time understanding or improving your own real estate position!

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