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The American Dream of owning your own property is alive. I see it in eyes of 70 students in my classroom. I hear it in voices of clients buying U.S. Property. I feel it in handshakes & hugs of clients when I help them buy property, commercial or residential  The American Dream is a dream everyone shares. People born in the U.S. and in other places want to own a property in the U.S.

Many people don’t know how to make their American Dream Come  True or  Where to Start. Below are Suzanne Hollander, real estate broker, attorney & commentator’s 5 Things to Know to Make Your American Dream Come True!

  1. Loans are Available for Homes and Commercial Property. Homes and properties are expensive! Imagine if you had to pay the whole price in cash! In many countries, loans/mortgages are not easy to get, so people have to save for years and pay in cash. In the U.S., U.S. Citizens and foreigners may qualify for loans/mortgages to buy property.  This means you don’t have to buy all cash.  A Lender may loan you a large percentage of the money you need to buy your property, and you will pay back the Lender over time.

  1. Special Loans Are Available for Homes- with a Small Down Payments

    * A Loan Where you May Make a 3.5% Down Payment. If you qualify for an FHA Loan you may only have to pay 3.5% of the purchase price down when you buy your property. This type of loan allows you to own your home, even though you don’t have cash right away. You will have to make monthly payments on the loan for many years, but it allows you to own the property immediately. These loans are available to singles, married people, divorced people and people with special residency status (under certain circumstances).

    * A Loan Where You May Make a $0 Down Payment! If you are a Veteran of the U.S. Armed forces, you may qualify for the VA Loan. It allows you to buy a property with no money down. Like the FHA Loan, you will have to make monthly payments on the loan for many years, but it allows you to own the property immediately.

  1. Healthy Credit is Important to Get a Loan. In the U.S., everyone 18 years old may apply for a loan to buy a property. The Lender (normally Bank) looks at (1) the Property – to make sure it is worth the purchase price and (2) Your financial history and work history. If you want to qualify to get a loan, make sure to keep your credit healthy – this means a high credit score and low monthly debt. One of the best ways to do this is to pay your bills on time.

  1. Meeting  with a Lender Helps You Learn What and When You Can Buy Lenders are friendly people. They will meet with you to help you know the amount of money you are qualified to borrow and type of loan you are qualified to get! This will help you understand the price of the property that you can buy and when you can buy it!

  1. Remember – Uncle Sam is the Best Business Partner People around the World dream of owning U.S. property because the U.S. (Uncle Sam) is the best business partner. Click here to watch Professor Real Estate® TV explain the U.S. policies that protect property ownership in the U.S.

For help or questions about Making Your American Dream Come True, email Professor Real Estate® Suzanne Hollander 

Professor Real Estate® Suzanne Hollander is a real estate attorney, broker, educator and commentator and voice for real estate, housing and property rights, frequently quoted in the media, including Wall St. Journal Money Watch, YahooFinance!, Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald,  Wallethub, The Real Deal, Mercado De Dinero USA & Scotsman Guide Commercial Real Estate edition.

Professor Real Estate® Suzanne Hollander provides real estate education to the nation to help everyone make smarter real estate decisions.

Watch  Professor Real Estate®TV for a sneak peek  real estate lessons!

To buy or lease property in Florida or Maryland contact Suzanne Hollander.  She is a licensed Real Estate Broker in Miami, Florida with Hollander Realty LLC and a licensed Real Estate Sales person in Maryland with EKB Realty.

Contact Professor Real Estate® Suzanne Hollander for real estate advisory services, coaching and empowerment.  She motivated and empowered 1,000s of  clients, students and followers and she can help you meet your real estate goals!

Disclaimer: Professor Real Estate® written materials apply generally to real estate subjects and are not intended to apply to specific legal issues. Copyright 2016. Professor Real Estate® Suzanne Hollander

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