Suzanne Hollander 4 Reasons U.S. Property Has Value Professor Real Estate

Uncle Sam (the U.S.) is the best business partner for Real Estate.  Uncle Sam’s American Dream attracts people to invest in U.S. property!

Click video below to watch Professor Real Estate® TV Discuss  4 Uncle Sam policies that encourage U.S. property investment! Click here to watch Professor Real Estate discuss this on location in Argentina at the Casa Rosada!

#1 Uncle Sam Loves Property Rights.  The U.S. Constitution 5th and 14thAmendments protect individuals from government taking their private property without due process of law.  State laws further protect individual property rights like the rights of landlords, tenants, lien holders and parties to contracts.

#2 Uncle Sam Loves Laws with Teeth! Laws aka are enforced.  Uncle Sam knows this and makes sure state courts, federal courts and police enforce the law.  People know that if a contract is broken or property right violated, they can call the police and or file a lawsuit.

#3 Uncle Sam Loves Monetary Stability! Uncle Sam wants you to have confidence in your currency and know your dollar will retain its value today and tomorrow.  Some regimes, have currency instability and people don’t know what their money will be worth from day-to-day.  Watch this Professor Real Estate TV Episode on location in Argentina’s Casa Rosada to learn more about what fuels foreign investment in U.S. Property.

#4 Uncle Sam Believes in You & Wants You… to Get Involved! Uncle Sam  believes in you and gives you the opportunity to make a difference for issues that matter to you and your property!  To make this difference, Uncle Sam wants you to exercise your rights to vote,  attend hearings and to get involved in your community!

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4 Reasons Uncle Sam Is the Best Real Estate Business Partner

4 Reasons Uncle Sam Is the Best Real Estate Business Partner

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