Suzanne Hollander Honored as Finalist for AXA Business Woman for Providing Real Estate Education Professor Real Estate
Suzanne Hollander, Professor Real Estate, honored as Entrepreneur of Year, Thank You for Votes, Encouragement

Suzanne Hollander, Professor Real Estate, honored Entrepreneur Finalist, Thank You for Votes, Encouragement

Thank You BIG for your votes & encouragement! Last week, AXA Businesswomen honored Suzanne Hollander as a Finalist Entrepreneur of Year in front of  200+ at Coral Gables Country Club!  Read 3 lessons learned from this super honor that apply to everyone!

1. Every Vote is Powerful and Makes a Difference!  In many countries people fight for the right to vote.  In the U.S. you have the right to vote and it’s powerful! Your vote makes a difference in every time you use it!   PS – Your vote meant a lot to me 🙂

2. Everyone Has a Real Estate Question or Story (U are not the only one!)!  Everyone shared real estate questions & stories with me! They asked, how do I buy, rent, get a mortgage, be a landlord etc!  Don’t be shy – ask your questions!  Everyone in the nation has real estate questions & the answers may help $ave you money and headaches!

3. Everyone’s Ladder To Success is Education!  Your votes and the nominating committee recognized education’s importance in the United States.  In our country,  education is the ladder everyone may climb towards success.  Sometimes, people don’t know how to find that ladder (how to start).  Professor Real Estate®’s empowers people to find the ladder and makes real estate education easy to understand and accessible to everyone!

It’s a big honor to share this honor with each of you!  Thank you BIG for your support and encouragement 🙂

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