News! Suzanne Hollander Teaches at NYU -Contract to Closing & Commercial Leasing Professor Real Estate

Suzanne Hollander, Professor Real Estate®, just taught 18 sessions of professional commercial real estate education for New York University’s (NYU)’s Schack Institute of Real Estate in Midtown Manhattan.

Suzanne Hollander, Professor Real Estate, teaches 18 real estate courses at NYU's Schack Institute of Real Estate.

Suzanne Hollander teaches  at NYU’s Schack Institute of Real Estate.

Suzanne mastered technology to make Real Estate Education available worldwide!  Professor Real Estate® also offers educational services to banks, lenders, investors, foreign and domestic investors, real estate teams and individuals.

Professor Real Estate®’s lessons are made ready to use in real estate transactions.  The lessons come straight from Suzanne’s experience as a Real Estate Attorney and Real Estate Broker.

Based in Miami Beach, Florida, Suzanne taught via the internet to professionals located world-wide.  Professor Real Estate®’s students interacted with her and each other in real time, analyzed documents and even saw each other!

For NYU, Suzanne taught:

  • 8 Sessions Contract to Closing – Examination documents in a commercial real estate deal, from letter of intent, to contract, due diligence, financing and closing
  • 10 Sessions Commercial Leasing – Examination of lease provisions important to the Landlord, Tenant and Lender

Professor Real Estate® offers tailored real estate education services and consulting to banks, lenders, investors, foreign and domestic investors, real estate teams and invididuals.

Feel free to contact me Professor Real Estate® to Learn Something Real Estate!

Also, contact Hollander Realty, LLC – my brokerage for smart, successful purchases and sales of property in a confidential business professional manner!

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Disclaimer: Professor Real Estate® written materials apply generally to real estate subjects and are not intended to apply to specific legal issues.

The People's Professor  - Professor Real Estate®
The People’s Professor – Professor Real Estate®
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