Open Your Property Tax Letter TRIM Notice and Rights it Gives You in Florida Suzanne Hollander Professor Real Estate

If you own  property in  Miami, you found a letter from the Property Appraiser in your mailbox a few weeks ago!  I hope you didn’t trash it!  Tiny font at the bottom notified you or your right to appeal your taxes.  This Monday September 19 is the deadline!  If you snooze you lose!

Open your Letter from the Property Appraiser!  Your Appeal Rights are at the Bottom and Monday September 19 is the Deadline to File Your Property Tax Appeal!

If you trashed your letter there is hope for you… hurry…look it up online now at

This letter is not a bill, it is the Notice of Proposed Property Taxes – in real estate lingo, a “Trim Notice.”

What’s most important about this notice is it gives you the right to appeal your property taxes, even though you won’t receive your bill until November.

In little tiny writing at the bottom it says that if you feel the market value of your property is wrong (ie too high so your taxes are too high) that you can file a petition for adjustment by September 19, 2011.

September 19, 2011 is tomorrow and it’s the deadline for you to appeal your property value. We’re not on “Miami Time” here.   This means that if you don’t get your petition in by September 19 you lose your appeal rights! You can find the petition form on line at

My students tell me that it seems “weird” that you have to appeal your property taxes before you receive the final bill but that’s the way it is in Miami.

If you wait and open your property tax bill in November and scream
Oh my taxes are too high and I want an appeal” …it’s too late for youThe deadline to appeal was Monday September 19.

The Trim Notice also gives you, the property owner, heads-up-advance-notice of what your tax bill could be so you can budget to pay it. The Trim Notice tells you the market value of your property deducts your exemptions from your market value and then shows you the tax rate. In real estate lingo, the tax rate is the “Millage Rate.”

In little tiny writing at the bottom, the notice also says that you can call the property appraiser and go over your property value with them. I did this last year and it was a very interesting to learn about how the property appraiser arrives at value!

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