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Suzanne Hollander, a real estate professor at Florida International University, thinks these numbers could be legit. “The Realtors I regularly deal with as a broker, professor, and attorney tell me that single-family homes are flying off the charts,” says Hollander.
Now more than ever, sharing good news is a way to turn your quarantine time into Quarantine Quality Time. Last week,Suzanne Hollander was invited by Commercial Real Estate Women Miami to Speak about 5 Reasons to share your Good News Now!
Suzanne Hollander is a Miami-based attorney and part of the real estate faculty at Florida International University. She explains that home title fraud is often misunderstood. "Home title fraud is essentially a burglar stealing your entire house and maybe even selling it to someone else while you are living in it - and without your knowing about it," she says.
"Explained in the simplest terms, brownfields are ‘dirty sites' located in areas where the demand for land is often high," says Suzanne Hollander, a Florida International University real estate faculty and Miami-based property attorney.
Property Management is an “Essential Industry.” No matter what is happening in the external environment Property Management continues. This is true today during the COVID 19 pandemic as it was true during the Housing Crisis in 2008
Suzanne Hollander was a Panelist in Latin America on a distinguished attorney panel, Suzanne gave "U.S. Perspective: Commercial Real Estate Retail Contracts" in Spanish discussing the 4 points below: 1. COVID's Impact on Shopping Center Retail in U.S. and Latin America 2. Growth of Non Store Retailers in U.S. and Latin America (retailers selling by internet using distribution systems instead of a store/physical real estate) 3. Landlord Tenant Law in U.S. and Latin America 4. COVID's Impact on "Informal Economy" Real Estate and Business in Latin America
"Women today feel more empowered to enter into business areas traditionally known as male bastions. And businesses today are making it a core value to promote women to visible senior leadership positions and appoint them to corporate boards. People in senior leadership roles and on corporate boards are, for example, often invited to join a commercial real estate syndication deal," says Hollander.
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