I love to match property and people!  Today’s blog is all about people and jobs!  Let me be your match maker if you are looking for a job, an employee, an intern or to be a mentor! Yup, its true jobs fuel the economy.  Jobs also build your resume,  your “tool-kit” of practical experience and the cash in your pocket!

Click here to see available jobs!

This is a WIN-WIN for everyone! Students, Alumni, Employers + Mentors!

Good experience and savings are the best way to take a step towards our goal of financial independence and buying your own properties!

Employers know their investment in hiring and training talented people is one of the most profitable moves they can make!

Let me help you get a job and experience.  Employers ask me all the time to connect them with excellent students and I connect many students with jobs!

If you are looking for a job, send me a resume (today!)

If you are looking for an employee or an intern – send me the job description and I’ll post it on the website! My students and alumni are the best and brightest, bilingual and very hard working!  Remember, all of my classes are at night so my students work during the day!

If you’d like to be mentor let me know and I’ll match you up with a student that would love to learn from you!

Check out the current job listings on the job listings tab and feel free to contact me if you are looking for a job, internship or for an employee or to be a mentor!

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Suzanne Hollander, Professor Real Estate, www.theprofessorrealestate.com

Suzanne Hollander Professor Real Estate Helps You Find a Job!


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