So, where do these real estate lessons come from.. How does she know this stuff?   Well, its like being the “Indiana Jones” of Real Estate.. I’m out fighting and then I bring fresh real estate adventures into the classroom.

I fight in Downtown Miami.. and its a jungle!  See the map, I represent about 200,000 square feet of property here and I fight to survive every day!

What does this mean for you?   It means I give a boot camp of real estate survival lessons, full of challenges that I face in the field every day working to sell and rent these properties.

Downtown Miami

Indiana Jones of Real Estate: Lessons from Selling the Jungle of Downtown Miami

It’s a jungle, the conditions are harsh (the market is tough) and I represent people playing the role of buyer, seller or renter, people with different motives from all over the world!

Some Seller’s face serious danger…they walk a tight rope of wishing for the high 2005 prices while trying to hold a the property even though the bank is about to foreclose (snatch their property away!)..they want me to be a miracle worker!

Other owners sit pretty on a fortune that they did not spend during the height of the market.. and wait to scoop up the right deal..

They want the “Jewel of the Nile”… a STEAL….that nobody else knows about!

People and language skills are important, an owner is a Church and all decisions are subject to an approval of a board…in Spanish!  One of the biggest deals in Downtown Miami was just bought by a group out of Asia!

Some realtors try to be sneaky and steal my real estate commissions!

Buyers submit contracts so complicated that they seem as if they are in a secret code!

After fighting it out in the urban streets of Miami, I enter the classroom as THE PROFESSOR REAL ESTATE and take you with me these adventures. I share my real estate victories and wounds with you to prepare you for the real world!  You can count on real practical up-to-date survival lessons of how to tackle these challenges in every class and blog!

Follow me and you’ll learn practical real estate survival skills that you can apply immediately whether you play the role of  buyer, seller or renter!


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  1. Most of us receive or know of someone who receives a letter from the property appraiser about their property in Miami Dade. The tendency in the majority of these cases is to pay less for property taxes in the fiscal year, but in some cases, such as my own, the tax reduction is negligible. My property decreases in its market value over 40% but the property taxes have been reduced less than 5%.

    The Trim Notice tells us the market value of our property deducts our exemptions from your market value and then shows us the tax rate. The problem in my opinion is here, because the city defines the market value of our properties based on their own budget (the city’s budget) and the amount of money that they have to collect to get their budget balanced. If this practice continues the city budget will have a discrepancy between the real market price of the property and the price assigned by the appraiser from the city.

    I think in the last 10 years the city confused the way that they have prepared the city budget. The city must first know how much resources count from taxes (one of the most important resource is the property tax) and then from that point they can prepare the city budget. Until now, they prepare the budget beginning with the wrong side, covering in the budget first all the request done from politicians, unions and lobbies and then calculate the taxes to cover it. In simple English, “they placed the cart in front of the horses.”

    The ones who defend this way to prepare the city budget have said that the property owners have the right to appeal the city appraisal value, but this appeal has sensitive deadlines and special procedures that the majority of the property owners don’t know about.

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