Suzanne Hollander Appointed to Office to Advance Women, Equity & Diversity of University of over 50,000 students and 10,000 Faculty/Staff!

Even in 2019 #Me Too Movement, you may be surprised how much courage it takes to be a Hero, the person to stand up, speak out, make a change when you see improper behavior in your workplace, if its discrimination, sexual misconduct by the boss or professor, the old boys club, misuse of funds, bribery people adhering to old biases and stereotypes and not offering jobs, opportunities or promotions to people who aren’t like them or bystanders who are just too scared they’ll lose their job to speak up.

Suzanne Hollander, an attorney teaching real estate law, property rights and financial empowerment, is thrilled to walk in the footsteps of courageous women and apply her platform as a globally, nationally and locally (Miami!) honored speaker and  advocate for the career advancement and financial empowerment of women and first generation students to FIU’s Provost Office to Advance Women, Equity & Diversity.  Suzanne hopes you will reach out and join her!

Suzanne’s role in FIU’s University-wide Office to Advance Women, Equity and Diversity is important because FIU is the 4th largest public university in the United States graduates the highest percentage of Hispanic students in the nation and has over 50,000 students, over 10,000 faculty and staff.

Here, Suzanne’s voice and work to promote the careers and financial empowerment of women and first generation students will be even stronger to make positive change and open the doors to careers in major corporations and offer training to change corporate and academic culture and advance the careers of women, create equity and diversity in Corporate America.

Suzanne’s additional appointment builds upon her current nearly 10 years of teaching Real Estate Law and empowering over thousands students to learn about and exercise their Property Rights at FIU as well as her current nearly 10 year role as FIU’s Jerome Bain Real Estate Industry liaison charged with leading public events and promoting careers of women in real estate!   

Click here to reach out to Suzanne and see how FIU’s Office to Advance Women Equity and Diversity can help your company or organization and how you can get involved to advance the careers of women and first generation students!