Suzanne Hollander Professor Real Estate Says Say Yes to Real Estate Opportunity

Say Yes! It’s graduation season, people ask, “How can I be a success, in business… real estate? I tell them say “Yes!” Learn how “Yes” is magic to brighten yr future, if you say it at 3 important times! Read below or click on the photo to watch Professor Real Estate®TV episode “Say Yes!”

  1. Say Yes… to Opportunity!  Opportunity comes your way in many forms, a new job, a new project, a chance to join a board/committee or go to lunch with a new contact.  Keep your eyes open to recognize opportunities and say “Yes”… then get ready for good things to come your way!
  2. Say Yes… to Believing… in Yourself!  If someone opens the “Opportunity-Door”to you– offers you a job, work on a new project, to join a team, believe you can do it!  The person who offered you the opportunity sees something in you and believes you will be a success!  Believe in yourself, work hard and show them they are 100% right for believing in you!  (A little hint: If you said “Yes” and then need some help make sure to ask for it!  Its much better to ask for guidance than to disappoint the person who believed in you!)
  3. Say Yes… to Learning!  Sure, you are out of school but that doesn’t  mean you should stop learning!  Life is one big place to learn lessons!  Learn lessons from every deal,  experience and opportunity you have!  Make sure the opportunities you say  “Yes” to, provide you a chance to learn and work with people who want to mentor you and teach you the ropes!   Constant learning will help make you successful in life and at work!

“Yes” is a magic word at all times not just after graduation!  Start saying “Yes” and keep me posted about where your “Yes” takes you!

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