Learn Something Real Estate from Professor Real Estate® this Fall!  Check out the 30 lessons below that will help you make $marter real estate decisions! Let me know if you’d like more info on these topics!

Date Lesson Title Real Estate Subject What you Will Learn 
8/20/2012 It’s a Big Deal! (*Any deal where YOU spend $$ is a big deal!) Real Estate Contracts The Importance of Real Estate Contracts for Every Day Life!  A survey of contracts from the largest U.S. land purchase  (the Louisiana Purchase) to your  purchase, maybe your condo or house!
8/22/2012 Life, Liberty and Property! Foundations – Real Estate Law The origin of U.S. Real Estate Law!  Why the Founders of the U.S. thought Property is as important as Life and Liberty!  What this means for your Property Rights today! We will check out provisions of the U.S. Constitution, the Bible and John Locke!
8/27/2012 Fences Make Good Neighbors!  Learn how to Prove Where your Property Line is! Legal Descriptions Surveys To follow a survey. The map of your property!  Learn the importance of surveys which are very intricate and to the novice look very confusing!
8/29/2912 The Tax Man is Coming! Property Taxes, Liens & Exemptions How “Uncle Sam” gives your property an assessment (a value) and how you are taxed on that value. Learn when to pay your taxes to receive the maximum discount!  Learn what happens to you and your property if you don’t pay taxes!  Learn about exemptions you may qualify for that will reduce your taxes!  We will read the laws that establish the right to tax!
9/5/2012 Can I build a Roller Coaster in My Back Yard?  Can I park a pick up truck in my driveway? Zoning Even if you have the best ownership rights and prove them, the government still regulates how you may use your property (example just because you want to you can’t build a rollercoaster in your backyard and you may not be able to park a truck in your drive way).  Learn about these rules and regulations and the public purpose behind them.   We will read major Supreme Court cases establishing this authority and its limits!  We will read zoning ordinances and discuss their implications on property today.
9/10/2012 Property Drama: Love, Marriage, Divorce, Make Ups and Break Ups and Ownership Real Estate Contracts and Interests in Ownership Owning property as an individual, a married man or woman, in a corporation, limited liability company, as a partner, a joint tenant or a tenant in common has implications on your ownership interest!  Learn about it!
9/12/2012 The Deal Maker! Brokerage What it is like to work in a brokerage!  The hard work of putting a deal between a buyer and seller together!  The rules and regulations that govern realtors!
9/17/2012 Giving Notice to the World and I wanna be on Top! Deeds, Recording, Priority in Interest Recording your ownership interest in a deed gives notice to the world of your ownership and priority in interest.  Learn the types of deeds and their warranties.  Learn the benefits of being the top priority in interest and the risks of being inferior.
9/19/2012 Signing to Buying (the Closing Process!) Contract to Closing Signing to buying takes time and many steps!  Learn step by step the process from letter of intent, to purchase and sale contract, escrow deposits, due diligence, closing etc.!
9/24/2012 I want a Certificate!! (Tax Certificate that is!!) Tax Certificates and Tax Deeds The differences between paying taxes, buying a tax certificate and buying a tax deed.  Understand the risks, rights and benefits of each!
9/26/2012 Distress not DEPRESS! Buying Notes, Short Sales and Foreclosures! How to avoid common mistakes of buying distressed property!  Make sure you buy it right so you don’t lose money and get depressed!  Learn the risks, rewards and important provisions to look for when you purchase distressed properties and or mortgage notes on distressed properties.
9/28/2012 Boom, Boom, Bust, Urban Recovery Yacht Tour! Urban Development, Boom, Bust, Recovery and Development. Join me for a real life story of urban boom, bust recovery and development.  We will apply our classroom knowledge to real life real estate issues during this three hour session ON A YACHT!
10/1/2012 Don’t Zone Out! Zoning! Zoning is a police power of the state and local government. It allows them  to restrict how your use of your property!  Learn how far they can go. Some municipalities go so far as so say you can’t park a pick up truck in your own driveway!
10/2/2012 The Devil’s in the Details: Learn to Commercial Leases Learn to Read Commercial Leases Commercial leases are long, long documents!  Learn to read them for vital deal terms and begin to see them as exciting documents that can make or break your business.
10/3/2012 Get Property Eyes, so you can say “I came, I saw I DEVELOPED!” Commercial Leasing, Site Selection Creative ways successful developers view property to add value  that others don’t see. These are secrets of property selection!
10/8/2012 Condo Commandos, Condo Crazes! Condos! Condos are the #1 form of ownership in many places in the U.S.  Learn the rules and regulations that govern the actions of the condo board (no they legally can’t do whatever they want) and what to watch out for if you are planning to purchase a condo!
10/9/2012 Don’t be Late for A Date.. Especially in a  Lease! Important Commercial Lease Dates Timing and dates are important in commercial leases!  Identify and analyze the significance of important lease dates.
10/15/2012 OPM!  Other People’s Money Get a Mortgage Interest rates are the lowest in history!  Now is a great time to get a loan!  Learn how to apply for $$ to Purchase Property!  Ways to keep your credit healthy so that you will qualify for the maximum loan at the best rate!
10/16/2012 Its in the way that you USE it! Use Clause in Commercial Leases Use clauses are central to a Tenant’s business and the Landlord’s operation of the property. Learn the business reasons why use clauses may be broad or restricted and the implications on other tenants, assignment and subletting.
10/23/2012 Alterations and Altercations! Tenant Improvements Commercial Leases Who pays for, owns and controls Tenant improvements?   What is a fixture?  Who owns that Built in Bar or Very Fancy Toilet in the Bathroom at the end the lease?
10/23/2012 I fought the Law and the Law Won! Compliance with Law Commercial Leases Who (Landlord or Tenant) must comply with governmental laws, such as Americans with Disability etc,  on a local, state and federal level.  Who pays the costs of compliance?  Landlord or Tenant?
10/29/2012 Where’s My Security Deposit?  How do I break my lease? I hate my Landlord! Residential Leases Almost everyone is a residential  Landlord or Tenant at sometime. This is a legal relationship governed by state law, learn the rules and regulations, and the reasons you may and may not break your lease!  Get comfortable reading leases for the important points!
10/30/2012 Default Should be a 4 Letter Word! Lease Defaults Commercial Leases Remedies available to Landlords and Tenants upon default.  Penalties to Landlords and Tenants for Default of Lease terms – Commercial Leases.
11/5/2012 Take Care of Your Asset and It Will Take Care of You! Property Management How to manage your property in a way to keep the rents rolling, tenant’s happy and real property and property systems (HVAC, Roof, Glass, Plumbing, Electric) in good physical repair.
11/6/2012 Service Please! Services Provided by Landlord Commercial Leases You think electricity, heat and air conditioning are basic?  Well, it depends on your lease terms!  Learn to analyze lease terms to determine basic service levels!
11/13/2012 Keep the Rent Rolling! Rent, Additional Rent Commercial Leases Landlord’s commercial lease income stream is dependent upon collecting rent, additional rent, base rent and rent escalations. Learn what they are!
11/19/2012 Is Finding A Steal…For Real? Foreclosure, Short Sales, Public Auctions Foreclosures and short sales are the hottest topic everywhere!  Everyone thinks they will find a steal!  Learn the process, the truth, the myths, the hard work, potential pitfalls and rewards of purchasing a foreclosure and short sale!
11/20/2012 I have to Ask my Lender for Permission! Lender concerns in commercial leases A Lender is not a party to a commercial lease but has a very important role in the commercial lease process.  Learn the influence that Lender’s have on both Tenants and Owners in Commercial Leases!
11/26/2012 They Got Me! Code Enforcement States via their police power may impose health and safety restrictions via code enforcement. Meet Code Enforcers and learn about how they enforce the code to protect building integrity and health and welfare.  Learn how to comply and the costs of failing to comply.
11/27/2012 Can I Share My Space? Assignment and Sublet Commercial Leases The difference between assignments and sublets and the business reasons why they are permitted, permitted with restrictions or prohibited.


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