Suzanne Hollander Stands Beside and Believes Nelson Mandela's Quote, Education is the Most Powerful Weapon You Can Use to Change the World
I stand beside and believe Nelson Mandela’s quote, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”  The universal impact of its message struck me when I read it in Spanish on the wall of a Law School in Latin America, Peru, where I was a Visiting Attorney Expert teaching comparative U.S. real estate and Constitutional Law.

I am proud to teach  what U.S. law  is known for, due process, transparency and protection of property rights, to nations around the world. I hope our country will mend and nations will continue to learn the good in our rule of law.

 In English, Spanish or any language President Mandela’s quote is more important now than ever, it is the road to empowerment and peace.

Education on diversity and inclusion is necessary to erode and end racism. Financial empowerment education is necessary to give everyone access to opportunity.  Diversity & Inclusion and Financial Education are building blocks for every person, industry, business, corporate board, professional organization, police force and elected official.  The earlier taught and implemented, the more effective.  Implementing Diversity & Inclusion and Financial empowerment education action plans are the way to get to know, trust and value each other no matter the color of the skin or country of origin.
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