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Education is the best gift to give and get! It’s a super bc it’s long lasting, inspires, motivates, empowers…and you don’t have to wait in line to buy it or wrap it up!  Education happens wherever you share your experience and success story! (at home, at work, where you worship, even at a school!) If you are successful, you know the POWER of education.  Many people probably helped you become the success you are today!  While you enjoy holiday dinner, you might talk and think about this gift and wonder if your successful-schedule is too busy to give. Scroll down to read  7 education gift ideas to get you started!  They won’t take a lot of your time! P.S. click Professor Real Estate TV® to learn more re the gift of education too!

Remember the few hours you spend teaching someone will make a lasting impact and may improve their life and yours!

When you try one of these ideas, you may find although you are the gift-giver… you get the most back!  You will get happiness and satisfaction as you see that sharing your success story (and even some of your failures that you bounced back from) inspire and empower others to have the confidence to take smarter steps!

  • Encourage – Encourage people to take steps to further their careers & education – u can do  this with a kind word, a supportive idea, a quick email notifying someone of a job or scholarship
  • See Potential –See the potential in the people you meet everywhere, when you find potential try to match it with a job in your company or an opportunity you know about (everyone remembers who helped them get their foot in the first door!)
  • Role Model/Hero– Act in a way that people respect and look up to – people around you will notice – everyone needs a hero to look up to now-a-days
  • Guest Lecture – Visit a class or meeting and talk about what you do every day!  Your spouse and kids might be tired of hearing it … listeners who chose to be there will soak it up!
  • Create or Donate $cholarship – Create a scholarship to honor someone, to support your love of your area of business or donate to an already existing scholarship!
  • Participate in a Networking Event – Share your experience with others at a networking event – it’s fun, social and may help you meet a new employee!
  • Review a Resume  – Give feedback to help a person with potential express skills better

As Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Happy Holidays!  And remember to give the gift of education!  To learn more about how you can share your success to empower and inspire, feel free to contact me.

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