Suzanne Hollander Professor Real Estate Best Blogs of 2013

Click the Photos Below to Learn Something Real Estate and read Best Professor Real Estate® Blogs of 2013!  Wishing you a Super New Year filled w learning and $mart real estate decisions 🙂  Thank u for yr  likes, shares, encouragement, meetings + deals!

(These blogs are in reverse date order!)

1. News! Suzanne Hollander Discusses the Importance of Real Estate Education Locally + Nationally,  After Being Awarded  Commercial Real Estate Women New Member of the Year 2012 -Posted  January 2013

2. Is A Steal For Real When Buying Distressed Property – Posted February 2013

3. Noticias! Mercadodedinero publica consejos inmobiliarios de Suzanne Hollander! – Posted May 2013

4. Argentina Case Study: Foreign Buyers Pay Top $$ for U.S. Property & $ecurity -Posted June 2013

5. Suzanne Hollander Leads National Real Estate Panel at Ritz Carlton – Posted September 2013

6. U.S. Property Rights: Tax Appeal Right: Florida Deadline Today! -Posted September 2013

7. Biz News! Suzanne Hollander Leads Miami Real Estate Development Boat Tour for 150! – Posted October 2013

8. Suzanne Hollander & Federal Reserve Economist Discuss Interest Rates, Real Estate, Employment – Posted November 2013

9. Suzanne Hollander Real Estate Reminder: $ave 4% off Property Tax in November! – Posted November 2013

10.  CREW News! Suzanne Hollander Connects Real Estate Investors, Bankers, Owners, Lawyers & Students – Posted November 2013

11.  Art Adds Value to Real Estate: Art Bloom = Real Estate Boom! Suzanne Hollander on Location -Posted  December 2013

H-A-P-P-Y  N-E-W Y-E-A-R!! As you toast tonight, make a resolution to Learn Something Real Estate and make smart real estate decisions this year!

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