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Suzanne Hollander Professor Real Estate Discusses why all profits are good :)

Suzanne Hollander Professor Real Estate Discusses why all profits are good 🙂

All Profits are Good! There is no such thing as a Bad Profit!  If you sold property, made money and feel grumpy because you think you could have made more… you should feel good bc you are $mart!

It’s human nature to look back and think, “woulda, coulda, shoulda”..BUT…

Umm, Hello… You.. MADE… $$$!  The boom and bust real estate cycle showed us, investing in real estate comes with risk.  It does not come with any guarantee$.

People sell for many reasons– a new job, marriage, divorce, new baby, down-sizing, up-sizing, kids go to college, health reasons or even winning the lottery 🙂

Sometimes people wait for a “SIGN” although they can make a $ure profit today!

Our “Sign” is the South Florida Real Estate Market is Hot!  People are envious because we are lucky for tropical weather and circumstances creating a Sellers’ real estate market (high prices for sellers!!)

Remember, real estate is cyclical, a Seller who waits around may find our special circumstances change and miss the chance for a profit.  Some of our special Miami Circumstances are:

  • Low Interest Rates – promoted by the Federal Reserve encourages people to pay a higher price because of low rates to rent money
  • Foreign Investment – fueled by flight of capital from regimes with unstable laws and currency policies
  • Artification – The influx of major star architects and world renown art fairs increasing demand for South Florida Property

To learn more about All Profits Being Good, Real Estate “Signs” and Timing contact me!  P.S. In a few weeks I’ll blog about using your profit in a tax deferred exchange.  ( I like that …paying taxes..LATER!)

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