Condo Rules on Parking - How I Got My Parking Space Back Professor Real Estate Suzanne Hollander

My Indoor Covered Parking Space on South Beach!

Even if condo commandos try to ruin your life, you can win with the law! Condo Commandos, yeah, you know who they are…They are the people elected to the board of your condo association who decide they have absolute power do whatever they want.
The Condo Commandos in my building decided to steal my covered in-door parking space on Lincoln Road. If you know Lincoln Road in South Beach, you’d know it’s one of the world’s hardest places to find parking. I bought a unit here and it came with a covered parking space…priceless!
About a month ago, I found a great tenant to rent my condo! The condo commandos told me that my tenant had to park outside and I could no longer have my parking space!
Well, I’m thankful that the founders of the USA who wrote the Constitution understood that absolute power corrupts absolutely (even in condo associations). For this reason, they started the idea of checks and balances in all areas where it seems too much power is concentrated in one place.
What does checks and balances mean to you and me… condo owners? It means that most states enacted laws that protect the individual condo owner against the absolute power of the association.
In Florida, this law is in Florida Statutes 718. This Statute specifically prevents a condo from reducing rights to the tenant of a unit owner. Florida Statute 718.106 says “When a unit is leased, a tenant shall have all use rights in the association property and those common elements otherwise readily available for use generally by all unit owners…”
I got my parking space back through pointing out this law to the condo commandos!
Follow me and you’ll learn how to apply the law where you live to get your groove and your parking space back too!
Feel free to contact me Professor Real Estate with any questions you have!


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