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 “Boat Slips Sell!”   Boaters, investors, yacht owners & developers look to buy boat slips because they are scarce!   If you want to buy or sell a “boat slip” its important you know the ownership type you have, how you may use, rent and transfer it.  Click the video & read below to learn more!  Click here for info re +/- 47,000SF Marina with Boat Slips for sale!

There are many opportunities for you to own a boat slip!  One way is to own membership shares in a private yacht club.  The yacht club may provide common amenities like a pool, dock maintenance, fitness room, club house etc.   Slips owned this way are transferred (sold) by selling the membership share,s not by deed.  An owners’ use of a boat slip located in a private club is regulated by the rules of the club.  In some instances, the club may set minimum prices for transfer of slips and for renting out slips.

A second way to own slips is to own a Marina that has slips, like this Marina for sale. Click here for info re +/- 47,000SF Marina with Boat Slips for sale!

A third way to own a boat slip is to own the land underlying the slip.  An owner that owns this type of slip may use the slip how he or she wants (ie rent it out etc) subject to local, state and federal regulations.

A fourth way to “own a boat slip” is to lease it from the state via a  submerged land lease.  In this scenario the state owns the land under the water and you lease the right to use it as a slip.  Normally, submerged land leases are long term leases.   Ownership is transferred by transferring the tenant’s right under the submerged land lease.

A fifth way to own a boat slip is to own land that is allowed to have “dry docks” or dry slips. This means you may stack the boats on racks out of the water.   Its important that you check with you local government to understand the number of dry slips are allowed.  Even if you have a large land the number of slips may be regulated.

In all of these scenarios its important that you also learn the depth of the water at high and low tide so that you make sure your boat (yacht!) can fit.  You should also read the rules and regulations of your club and your local, state and federal rules in regulations!

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