12 Real Estate Lessons for Sucess in 2012 Professor Real Estate Suzanne Hollander

I’m sharing 12 Real Estate Resolutions to help you build your real estate super powers!! Real estate success is not an accident, it happens by consistently building your real estate knowledge every day.

Follow the Resolutions below to bring Real Estate Super Powers to your Deal! Remember any deal you are involved in, whether it be renting, buying, selling, getting a loan  is a BIG DEAL!

Real Estate Super Powers

Build Your Real Estate Super Powers with Professor Real Estate Suzanne Hollander

  1. Read – “Read” is a 4 letter word you can say out loud!  Say it again “Read!”Read everything, especially your contracts, leases, condo documents and mortgage applications.  Someone might say to you, “you don’t have to read this, its standard.”  That’s an indication you need to READ!
  2. Ask  –  Ask!  Don’t be an A**!  Some important real estate questions are:  how long is the lease term, how does it renew?  Who pays if something breaks?  How much are monthly mortgage payments, when will they increase?  What if I sign the lease with my girlfriend and we break up?
  3. Get Your Feet on the Street – If you want to start to invest property, get your feet on the street and get to know an area and see the properties for yourself, don’t rely on Google Earth!  Walk it, drive it..alot!
  4. Be a Detective – After Feet on the Street, find out the sale/rental rates so that you know a good deal when you see it!  If you have a day job, build some research time into your schedule.
  5. Be a Newsie – Pay attention to the news!  Read the newspaper where you live/want to invest so you know the players, trends, new development and risks.  Save the articles you think are important.
  6. Be a Bookworm – Read a one real estate book a month.  There are hundreds out there!  Contact me for recommendations!
  7. Build Super Credit –  Lenders look at your credit before they give you money to buy real estate!  Order your free credit report to make sure its accurate and pay off your bills on time!  Contact me to learn how!
  8. Do Some Math – Make sure the deal you are looking at makes sense.  If it’s a condo, can you afford the monthly maintenance/mortgage payments along with property taxes?  If its income property, does the rent cover your expenses of owning – mortgage payments, property taxes, insurance, maintenance and vacancies.
  9. Say No, Sometimes  – Sometimes you need the strength to say no because after you used your Detective, Math and Reading powers a deal just doesn’t work for you.
  10. Say Thank you, All the Time – A big superpower people sometimes forget is to say “thank you” even if the deal doesn’t work.  Say thank you to all the participants, the seller, banker, lawyers and real estate agents.  They will remember it.
  11. Leave the Door Open – Using your “Super Power Thank you” leaves the door open for further negotiation or future deals.
  12. Stick To It…Don’t Give Up!  – Super heros never give up !  Build your real estate powers day by day.  On a consistent basis read and analyze deals and you will slowly but surely build your real estate success!

If you want to learn more about these resolutions,  send me a question!   I’m your Professor Real Estate®!

Copyright © 2012 Suzanne Hollander, Professor Real Estate®

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