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If you own Florida property, you recently received a Property Appraiser letter.  Don’t trash it!  The letter notifies you of your right to question property taxes and/or file an appeal by Tuesday September 17 (Yup Today!) This notice is an example of U.S. Property rights and protections for property owners.  Tiny writing at the bottom grants you BIG PROPERTY RIGHTS,  learn about these BIG Property Rights, below.

These BIG Property Rights are the, rights to:

If you trashed your letter, there is hope for you and your property… look yours up online now. (for Miami Dade County) 

The letter is not a bill.  It is a Notice of Proposed Property Taxes – in real estate lingo, a “Trim Notice.”  Your Tax Bill will come in November.

Although not a bill, this notice is important.

We’re not on “Miami Time” here. If you don’t submit your petition by Tuesday September 17 you lose your appeal rights! See online petition form for Miami Dade County.  See links to online petition forms for other Florida Counties.

My students say it’s “weird” file an appeal of your property taxes before you receive the final bill.  Well, that’s the way it is in Florida…and its not the only “weird” thing about Florida 🙂

If you wait for your tax bill in November and scream
Oh my taxes are too high and I want an appeal” …it’s too late for you. The deadline to appeal is today, Tuesday September 17.

If you own property in another  state or country, you should learn that country’s or state’s procedures for property tax appeals.  Remember, one of the ways to increase profitability is to reduce expenses, like property tax.

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