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If you own Florida Property, the Property Appraiser sent you mail this week! Read it! The mail has BIG PROPERTY RIGHTS, for you to use or lose! Learn more click Professor Real Estate®TV: Interview with Miami Dade Property Appraiser Lazaro Solis, or read below.

The “mail” is called the TRIM Notice.  Although it is not a bill, it’s very important because it lists the 3 BIG PROPERTY RIGHTS below:

1.  Right to Schedule an informal meeting with your property appraiser’s office to review your assessment; (link for Miami Dade County – your county may have another link)

2. Right to File an appeal with the Value Adjustment Board by Tuesday September 16, if you are not satisfied after#1 (your informal meeting).  WARNING! ** We’re not on “Miami Time” here.  If you dont’ appeal by Tuesday September 15 you lose your appeal right!

3. Right to Speak Up about the Tax Rate!  Local government sets the tax rate, not the Property Appraiser.  The TRIM Notice tells you the dates and times of public hearings where the decisions regarding tax rates will be made. You have the right to attend and publicly voice your opinion.

I remind  Hollander Realty  clients (owners and investors of Florida property) that a way to increase profitability is to reduce expenses, like property tax.

Some say its “strange” to file an appeal of property taxes before getting a final bill that comes in November.   Well, that’s the way it is in Florida…and its not the only “strange” thing here. Remember, if you wait for your tax bill in November and scream “My taxes are too high and I want an appeal” …it’s too late for you.

If you own property in another state or country, you should learn that country’s or state’s procedures for property tax appeals.

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