In News! Suzanne Hollander on U.S. Election: Foreign Demand for U.S. Real Estate Strong!

Scroll down, Read Suzanne Hollander‘s Comments on Steady Foreign Investment in the U.S. property, published yesterday in Million Acres, A Motley Fool Company. Click here, say ” Suzanne, Tell Me Why Foreign Investment Continues Strong for U.S. Real Estate!

Foreign investors are still investing in all sectors of U.S. Real Estate, perhaps because of COVID’s negative impacts on their already weak economics and governmental structures.   

When looking at Global Allocation of Real Estate Capital Risk, despite the upcoming election, the U.S. is seen as a strong protector for individual property rights – bolstered by the fact that not every country in the world has the financial power the U.S. has to inject over $1 Trillion U.S. Dollars into the economy.  This places the U.S. in a unique position to recover quicker and favors U.S. national investments.
Some people may fear the U.S. may go far left towards a more socialist model that puts capitalism at a risk with dramatic increase taxes, however, there is an overall understanding in the U.S. and foreign markets that U.S. governmental institutions reflect and respect the will of the people.
This means even if someone leaning left is in the White House he or she is still subject to checks and balances of all 3 branches of government, and all that comes with it – Supreme Court, Senate and House weigh in – its not a free for all – power and decision making are not concentrated in only one individual or one branch of government.

Read Suzanne’s expert comments below, published in Million Acres, A Motley Fool Company

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