Professor Real Estate Suzanne Hollander on Site Miami - Discussing Lessons to Learn to Build and Urban City

Suzanne Hollander onsite: Downtown Miami! Click & watch Professor Real Estate®TV: 3 Ingredients
to Build a Global City where you live/ own property or read below!

Global City Ingredient #1 – Zoning Friendly to Walking & Mixed Uses! Miami’s new form based zoning code, Miami 21, encourages mixed uses & is pedestrian friendly.  This means it’s easy, fast & fun to walk everywhere -where you to live, work, play, shop, sleep & go to school -because the bottom of the buildings are lined with retail uses & cafes!

Global City Ingredient #2 – U.S. Protection of Property Rights!   There’s a joke… “Miami isn’t part of the U.S.” but, buyers know Miami is one of the best cities to buy property where the U.S. Constitution, courts & police protect owner’s property rights.  This is one of the reasons a foreign buyer from Argentina just bought Downtown Miami land for over $100 Million!

Global City Ingredient #3 – Transportation Hub – Easy to Get To & Get Around!  Miami is full of transportation options… int’l airport, sea ports, bus, metro.  The growing City is a  catalyst to new transportation options Uber, water taxi & walking!

Global City Special Sauce – Sunny Miami Weather!  Not to rub it in…but… while most of the U.S. & World are buried in ice & snow, the sun is shining on our global city!

To learn more about the ingredients to build a World Class Urban City or to join the fun in Miami contact me, Suzanne Hollander Professor Real Estate®!

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