Professor Real Estate, Suzanne Hollander, and the Federal Reserve Bank Branch in Miami organized a private Federal Reserve Tour for student and alumni of Suzanne’s class.  Learn about how the Federal Reserve regulates banking.



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  1. It was really great experience. I gain very valuable information. When I came to the tour i had small misconception of what really Federal Reserve does, but not anymore.

    Thank you Suzanne!!!

    • Hi Aleksejs – Glad you liked the Federal Reserve tour! How are you? Have you been recieving the Property Notifications that I’ve been emailing to you ?

      Thanks for following this blog! Please click on the RSS feed and “LIKE” Professor Real Estate on Facebook!


      Professor Real Estate
      Suzanne Hollander

    • Hi Elias – Thanks for checkign out the blog! Congratulations on your graduation from the Program! What type of real estate are you working on now?

      Professor Real Estate
      Suzanen Hollander

  2. The tour at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta was great, I learned a lot; I got the big picture of the many ways the Fed provides services to help our economy and how its actions affect our lives. Thanks…

    Esperanza M. Lavin

  3. I didn't make it to the tour. So sorry I missed it. I am sure it was a tremendous experience for all those who attended.

    Any chance you could organize a second tour Professor?

  4. Professor Suzanne, I wanted to thank you for the experience that your class give me. From the Miami River, Federal Reserve tour and the evening tour at 1450 Brickell. Great learning experance. Thanks

  5. Hi Jennifer – Yes! I like to teach real estate both in and out of the classroom! The best application of what you learn is to the real "real estate" world…and thats the reason that we have the hands on real estate tours – where we can see, feel and touch the real estate and really understand. It was a pleasure to have your participation and thoughtful questions!

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