Professor Real Estate Suzanne Hollander 5 Resolutions to Help You Buy Property in 2015

Happy New Year!  Click photo & see Professor Real Estate®TV:  Suzanne Hollander’s 5 Easy Real Estate Resolutions Help U Buy $mart in 2015!  Read  ’em below!  Contact me with your questions re Miami real estate, buying & selling!

5 Easy Real Estate Resolution’s for You!

#1 – READ – Read is my favorite 4 letter word!  Make sure to read everything about the neighborhood where you want to buy!

#2 – STUDY – Study your reading to become an expert on the neighborhood & notice trends in pricing, sales, timing etc.

#3 – WALK – Get out of your seat, get your feet on the street!  Walk the neighborhood, get to know the properties.

#4 – TALK –  Add TALK to your WALK – if you want income property talk to tenants, if you want a home or vacation condo talk to neighbors to learn about why the love it there (what adds value!)

#5 – BUY – You can do it!  You have 12 months to Read, Study, Walk & Talk – if you do these consistently you should be able to make a smart buy in 2015!

and of course –Professor Real Estate® wishes you a very H–A–P–P–Y   N–E–W  Y–E–A–R and hopes to see you soon 🙂

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Watch  Professor Real Estate®TV for a sneak peek of some real estate lessons!

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