Professor Real Estate Suzanne Hollander Discusses Why Voting is Important for Real Estate and Property Owners

BE a VOTER and LOVER of Property Rights! Voting is a super power granted to you by the U.S. Constitution (one of my favorite documents!) I’m a VOTER and LOVER of property rights, to learn more about how being a VOTER expresses your LOVE of property rights click the Professor Real Estate®TV episode below or scroll down to read the blog and BE a VOTER in the elections where you live!

In the United States of America, people who vote choose elected officials through open elections and citizens over the age of 18 have the right to vote!

Elected officials have power to make decisions about your property rights and how you experience the place you live.  For example, elected officials make decisions on (1) property tax rate; (2) zoning – how you and your neighbors may use property (what you can build, how high, how many units and what use); (3) development -how the place you live will grow fast or slow; (4) transportation and traffic; (5) parks and the environment; and, (6) the law!

Voting is a way to express your Love for Property Rights because it gives you the power to choose, via your vote, the people who will make these decisions about your property.  Like most super powers, your voting power only works if you use it! If you don’t vote, you give up your right to choose!

In Miami, people really love property and the power to vote!  Here many of my real estate clients and students moved from countries where their right to vote was not protected and elections were not free.  They love  the power to vote and encourage their family members and friends to vote and even run for public office!

BE a VOTER and LOVER!  If you live in the City of Miami Beach, the Election is on November 3 and early voting starts on October 19!  If you live in another municipality or state, it’s easy to find out when the next election is – just read the newspaper or do a google search.

Also, there is plenty of time to get involved with a Presidential Campaign  – the National Election is in November 2016!

BE A VOTER and  LOVER of Property Rights!  I am 🙂


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