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Date Lecture Title Real Estate Subject What you Will Learn
1/12/2012 It’s a Big Deal! (*Any deal where YOU spend $$ is a big deal!) Real Estate Contracts The Importance of Real Estate Contracts for Every Day Life!  A survey or contracts from the largest land purchase in the U.S. (the Louisiana) to your largest purchase, maybe your condo or house!
1/19/2012 Love, Marriage, Divorce, Make Ups, Break Ups and Single People and Corporations – How it all impacts your Ownership Interest! Real Estate Contracts and Interests in Property Owning property as an individual, a married man or woman, in a corporation, limited liability company, as a partner has implications on your ownership interests!  Learn about it!
1/26/2012 Fences Make Good Neighbors!  Learn how to prove where your property line is! Legal Descriptions Surveys To follow a survey. The map of your property!  Learn the importance of surveys which are very intricate and to the novice look very confusing!
2/2/2012 Secrets of Commercial Contract Negotiation Contract Provisions The most important provisions to negotiate on behalf of a buyer or seller in commercial contracts!
2/9/2012 The Tax Man is Coming!  Everyone Has to Pay Taxes??? Property Taxes, Liens & Exemptions How “Uncle Sam” gives your property an assessment (a value) and how you are taxed on that value. Learn when to pay your taxes to receive the maximum discount!  Learn what happens to you and your property if you don’t pay taxes (tax certificate/deed sale)!  Learn about exemptions you may qualify for that will reduce your taxes!
2/16/2012 Don’t Zone Out!! Zoning Even if you have the strongest ownership interest (fee simple title) and can prove them, the government still regulates how you may use your property (example just because you want to you can’t build a rollercoaster in your backyard)…Learn about these rules and regulations and the public purpose behind them.
2/23/2012 Condo Commandos, Condo Crazes.. Condos Condos are the #1 form of ownership in South Florida, learn about the rules and regulations that govern the actions of the condo board (no they legally can’t do whatever they want) and what to watch out for if you are planning to purchase a condo!
3/1/2012 Where’s My Security Deposit?  How do I break my lease? Residential Leases Everyone is a Landlord or Tenant at sometime, this is a legal relationship governed by state law, learn the rules and regulations, and the reasons you may and may not break your lease!
3/8/2012 Get Property Eyes!  Learn how a Developer view Property to Add Value! Development/Commercial Leases Learn how a developer views property as more than just income generating and leases, learn the creative ways a developer views property to add value that others don’t see!
3/23/2012 Get Credit Healthy to Get OPM! (Other People’s Money!) Financing Techniques to improve your credit so that you will qualify to obtain credit (a mortgage) to purchase property!  Review of a residential lender’s requirements for a loan.
3/29/2012 Cash is King! Learn how to Get It! Mortgages/Financing and Bankruptcy Learn more about the mortgage application process and how bankruptcy impacts your ability to obtain financing!
4/5/2012 Is Finding A Steal…For Real? Foreclosure Short Sales Foreclosures and short sales are the hottest topic in South Florida!  Everyone thinks they will find a steal!  Learn the process, the truth, the myths, the hard work, potential pitfalls and rewards of purchasing a foreclosure and short sale!
4/12/2012 Follow the Code!  The Code Enforcers are Coming Code Enforcement Learn about how building, health and safety codes.  Why they exist, how they are enforced and the penalties for not  complying with them!
4/19/2012 Take Care of Your Property and It Will Take Care of You! Property Management Learn how to run you real estate asset in a way to preserve and build your cash follow and keep your tenants happy and paying the rent!
4/19/2012 The Deal Maker! Brokerage What it is like to work in a brokerage!  The hard work of putting a deal between a buyer and seller together!  The rules and regulations that govern realtors!

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