Are You Better Off Than You Were 4 Years Ago - Miami Property Owners Say Yes Professor Real Estate Suzanne Hollander

A U.S. President asked, “Are You Better Off Today than You Were 4 Years Ago?”   Miami & Miami Beach property owners say “Yes, Mr. President I am Much Better Off!

In  2014, the sun $hines on Miami and Miami Beach property values! I bet you know a friend or neighbor who sold this year, cashed out and made a profit they never dreamed possible.  You think their sale price is so high, it’s“unbelievable”!  Timing is important in real estate and your friend recognized good timing to sell and make a big profit!

You could do it too.

At today’s sales prices you could sell a property you owned for a  long time and use the profit to fund retirement or help you reach a dream!

  • You know you are better off today because values are at the top.
  • You know if you sell today, you could make a profit.
  • You know Miami has a boom and bust real estate cycle.
  • You don’t know what will happen to your property’s value 4 years from now.

It may be a smart for you to sell today, cash out, make a profit and start living your dreams! Contact me, Suzanne Hollander, Broker at Hollander Realty to schedule a confidential appointment to help you make the decision to sell at the top of the market –

P.S.  The U.S. President asked the famous question during an election year.  Tuesday November 4 is the Election in Florida.  Voting is very important for Property Owners because elected officials make rules that govern property rights!  Make your VOTE Count!  Exercise your right on Tuesday!

Are U were 4 years ago? Miami Owners say Yes!

Are U were 4 years ago? Miami Owners say Yes!



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