From Left to Right: Alumni Wendy Hernandez, Professor Suzanne Hollander, Alumni Mia Poder

Happy 4th of July!  Today is Independence Day and it’s an important day in the United States and the world for everyone who believes in freedom and independence!

Today is an especially important day in Miami where I live!  The students and the alumni of the graduate and undergraduate real estate class that I teach are from all over the world!  As I’ve gotten to know them,  we’ve become friends and I’ve learned  that their families moved here to have the opportunity to gain independence and freedom.  In fact, freedom and independence is what the whole world wants!

I launch my website today because I hope through the lessons I teach, you will learn how you can use real estate as an opportunity to build your own financial independence…to build an income stream for you and your family!

Through the topics that I discuss, the videos and interviews with the movers-and-shakers of real estate,   you’ll learn that investing in real estate and finding a career in real estate is something that you can do and is fun!

Sure, it takes some rolling-your-sleeves-up work like spending time to actually read and understand long contracts and learning the “lingo” of real estate (I’ll teach you this “foreign language”!)

Yes, Feet-on-the-Street-Time – is essential!

“Feet-on-the-Street-Time” means getting to know the neighborhood you want to invest in (are major employers or schools close?)  getting to know the property you want to buy  (does it have a solid roof, sound-proof walls, a good floor plan?) and getting to know the tenants and why they live there and what rents they pay.  “Feet-on-the-Street-Time” means you get out of your car, and get your feet on those streets and walk the neighborhood, walk the actual building and talk to tenants in the area!   By the way, checking out a property on Google Earth is no substitute to “Feet-on-the-Street.”

And, of course, you’ll have to learn how to build your credit so that you can use OPM – Other People’s Money! I mean so you can find mortgage financing.

These are just some of the lessons that I will share with you!  Stay tuned!  I’ll walk you through what you need to know using Miami as a backdrop for our real estate lessons – these lessons are applicable all over the world!

Now, when you go fire up the grill today and watch the fireworks tonight, remember to fire up your desire for financial independence and keep following me throughout the year!  Let’s declare our independence today, take time to learn and study this year with the goal of purchasing at least one investment property by July 4th 2012!

Follow me throughout the year on this website and Facebook and feel free to reach out with your real estate questions, remember I’m your Professor Real Estate!