Over an acre of waterfront land in a global city is a rare find! Today’s case study is the +/- 47,000 Land & Marina for sale in Miami (with +/-400-linear feet of waterfront!) The land is well priced compared to waterfront property in other major world cities! Click the video to see this Marina with boats slips! Read below to learn how the demand for waterfront property fuels value$!

International Buyers and Investors scoop up waterfront opportunities! Click here to watch a video and blog about it! For example, in 2011, Genting, a Malaysian based mega hotel and entertainment group realized purchased the waterfront Miami Herald building for $236Million re-emphazing the value of the land!  International buyers are also scooping up waterfront homes, boat slips and condos all over South Florida!

Don’t miss the boat!  If you can find a waterfront property in a major city buy it!  Finding a large urban waterfront parcel anywhere in the world is like finding a needle in a hay stack! Think of the major cities around the world New York, London, Paris, Dubai, San Francisco come to mind! Waterfront property in these cities is normally already built on –there is no more waterfront land available!  That’s why its so valuable!

People pay for waterviews and acess to boats slips.  I bet you can think of an instance when exactly the same house or condo with a waterview sells for way more $$ than identical one without the water view. Developers and investors know this and that is why they scower earth (literally!) trying to find the remaining vacant waterfront land. This property is scarce and its a function of supply and demand!

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